Pictures from the 2015 Swavesey Half Marathon are now available.

Welcome to Lazy Photography

Welcome to Lazy Photography. This site contains a few of the pictures I've taken during the brief periods I can be bothered to leave the house. Many pictures have been taken whilst attending sporting events, watching wildlife, and whenever I find something interesting.

I go to Badminton and Burghley CCI**** horse trials most years; this site houses my best pictures from these events since 2008. Some of my favourite pictures include some of the most successful and well-known British eventers, including Zara Phillips, William Fox-Pitt, and Oliver Townend.

I enjoy taking pictures of flora and fauna, particularly things that pander to my laziness. These mushrooms were very helpful with regard to staying still, as was the spider that sat on my door frame one summer and kindly allowed me to take pictures without going more than a few feet from the sofa.

I take my camera with me when I am forced to leave my house. I am pleased that this is a habit, or I would have missed out on some of my favourite photos, including this one of a cyclist in Cambridge and this one of the Cloud Gate sculpture in Chicago. Maybe I should go to more cities beginning with C, as they seem to bring photographic inspiration!


Photos of 3 day events.


Photos from non-horse related sporting events.


Pictures of other equestrian sports.

Out and about

Pictures taken whilst out doing nothing in particular.


A selection of my wildlife photos.


Pictures of people doing everyday things.


Pictures of patterns.


No, I'm not a wedding photographer. Occasionally, I forget this, and document the results here.


There's no getting away from it, I'm a cat person. These are some of my favourites that I've taken of cats that I know.

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